Chance was born in Torrance, California. He spent majority of his childhood in foster care until becoming a transplant to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2004.

He loves Las Vegas and truly considers it to be his permanent home.

Chance is very passionate about making a difference in any way he can, even if it is just a “hello” to someone walking by or fixing a pesky bug on someones phone. Chance has been fiddling with electronics since he was very young and always stays current with technology and goes through training often to keep sharp.

He was a Boy Scout and absolutely loves the outdoors. He enjoys repelling (just not the climbing part). He has a soft spot for good food, music and art. However, Chance can be somewhat of a home body sometimes. When asked why he likes relaxing at home rather than going out all the time, he replied: “I pay a pretty penny to have this home so I want to enjoy it.”

Chance Korte has an 15 year old cat named Bubbers and it is easy to tell he loves him very much.

On any given day, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, you can catch Chance checking on and improving the servers, websites and technology that powers his clients’ business.

Chance Korte wears many hats but is most renowned for being a webmaster, phone system expert, web and graphic designer and IT consultant. His history of providing awesome service and his “never give up attitude” have resulted in a reputation for being one of the best. He is innovative and creative. He regularly provides technical support both on and off site for dozens of customers.

Chance is currently working on a number of ventures but is most passionate about Support By Chance, a company that provides its clients with innovative solutions to make the technology in their business run more efficiently with little effort and without the hefty price tags.